Sweet Talk Radio: My Hallelujah

Sweet Talk Radio is Kathrin Shorr and Tim Burlingame, a husband-and-wife duo whose debut recording, "My Hallelujah," features finely-crafted folk-pop songs with poignant moods and memorable lyrics. The CD is a sonically rich recording of songs about love and loss, with unusual arrangements and instrumentation led by Kathrin Shorr’s warm and heartfelt vocals. The songs range from the personal and reflective to character sketches that evince short stories.
My Hallelujah
Released: 3/10/09
Label: CD Baby
Genre: No Genre
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The Record
Kathrin Shorr says Sweet Talk Radio values the song above all else.
My Hallelujah
Kathrin Shorr says the title track was inspired by faith and fate.
Sweet Talk Radio’s tongue-in-cheek song about seeking love.
Better at You
A song about the one relationship that shapes the others.
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