Jana Mashonee: New Moon Born

Jana Mashonee’s "New Moon Born" is a modern R&B-inflected collection of finely crafted songs that showcase her vocal gifts and writing on themes of reflection, renewal and rebirth. Mashonee has won many Native American Music Awards and a Grammy nomination for 2006’s "American Indian Story," but her latest CD has universal appeal, and should be welcomed by listeners who appreciate emotionally astute personal journeys.
New Moon Born
Released: 2009
Genre: Pop, R & B
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New Moon Born
Jana Mashonee says her CD is filled with stories of rebirth and renewal.
Searching Songs
Jana Mashonee describes two "searching" songs, "Angel" and "Lost in Lies."
Jana Mashonee says many people struggle with being true to themselves.
Solid Ground
Jana Mashonee’s song of reaching out to a loved one.
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