Jay Bennett: Whatever Happened I Apologize

Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Jay Bennett has released a number of recordings since he left Wilco in 2001, but none have the spontaneity, whimsy and directness of "Whatever Happened I Apologize." The recording features Bennett and his acoustic guitar with only a handful of overdub touches. Written and recorded quickly, the songs have a raw but brilliant luster. Bennett is a terrific writer, and discusses his lyrical approaches in this unusual profile. Fans, take note.
Whatever Happened I Apologize
Released: 2008
Genre: Americana
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Whatever Happened
Jay Bennett says his latest project began as a digression.
Writing Around
Jay Bennett says his songs are never about specifics.
Jay Bennett describes the poetic tools in two songs.
The List
Jay Bennett on why "list" songs can be beautiful.
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