Neil Michael Hagerty and the Howling Hex: Earth Junk

Neil Michael Hagerty’s notion of songwriting is closer to penning existential non-fiction about faraway places and forlorn attitudes. His latest CD, "The Howling Hex: Earthjunk," is a stripped down mix of vocals, distorted guitars and layered keys that evoke mirages – whether in the New Mexico desert or small town shopping centers. Consider it an uneasy, aural tour of overlooked stretch of rural America.
Earth Junk
Released: 9/23/08
Label: Drag City
Genre: Alt-Indie
Earth Junk
Neil Michael Hagerty says he’s not a traditional singer-songwriter.
Neil Michael Hagerty says the desert shapes people in strange ways.
Neil Michael Hagerty says people often obsess about faraway things.
Neil Michael Hagerty describes his long journey as a chronicler.
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