Jim Boggia: Misadventures in Stereo

Jim Boggia is a pop-rock craftsman whose latest recording, "Misadventures in Stereo," is filled with striking and captivating songs. The CD is divided into two sides, like a vinyl record, where Boggia explores his and others’ misadventures. Throughout, he wraps his memories, reflections and characters in smart lyrics, lush instrumentation and sweet harmonies.
Misadventures in Stereo
Released: 8/5/08
Label: Bluhammock
Genre: Pop, Rock
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Jim Boggia says this CD has two sides and two types of songs.
This whimsical "story song" was one of the first written for the CD.
Jim Boggia describes the subtleties in this "naked breakup" song.
8 Track
A fun rocker that delights in an almost imaginary past.
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