Catie Curtis: Sweet Life

Catie Curtis’s "Sweet Life" is musical medicine to remind people of what matters in difficult times: love, family and happiness. This collection of folk-rock songs encourages people to look past their troubles to the simpler joys and pleasures of life. Her alert and sensitive writing is as sharp as these finely crafted arrangements and performances.
Sweet Life
Released: 9/9/08
Genre: Americana
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Sweet Life
Catie Curtis says she sings what she needs to hear.
Everything Waiting to Grow
A song about finding growth where it is least expected.
The Princess and the Mermaid
As Curtis’s two young daughters grow, so do the challenges and joys.
Curtis’s reminder to people, including herself, to be happy when you can.
Aspire to Inspire
Catie Curtis tells the story of the "Aspire to Inspire" initiative, a partnership with the ASCAP Foundation to give away guitars to young musicians from needy families.
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