Black Kold Madina: Black Kold Madina

Black Kold Madina is Kim Rivers Roberts, a New Orleans native who is one of the city’s rap artists. Roberts lost nearly all of her music in Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, but recovered a half-dozen tracks from different points in her career. All of her songs are tough-minded and positive, showing an artist with a spirit and voice that refuses to submit to adversity.
Black Kold Madina
Released: 1/1/2008
Label: No Label
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Black Kold Madina
Kim Rivers Roberts has always written strong songs about the truth.
Black Kold Madina’s song of overcoming very hard times as a younger woman.
Rollin’ On Dubs
Black Kold Madina’s song about riding in style, featuring Wink G.
Look Up
Black Kold Madina’s words of encouragement for people in any storm.
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