Monthly Archives: June 2008

Steve Allee Trio: Dragonfly

Steve Allee Trio’s "Dragonfly" showcases this exceptional jazz trio at it best. Their melodies and rhythmns create a rich sonic journay that will more than satisfy fans. Allee’s piano style is intricate and alluring. He presents melodies, moods and improvisations … Continue reading


Scott Wheeler: The Construction of Boston

Scott Wheeler composed the score to Kenneth Koch’s text, "The Construction of Boston," two decades ago. His first foray into opera, Wheeler’s work has elements of comic opera, masque and dramatic cantata. This recording of the Boston Cecilia’s April 2007 … Continue reading


Avner Dorman: Four Concertos

Israeli-American composer Avner Dorman has recorded four concertos in his captivating neo-baroque style. He deftly mixes Western and Middle Eastern melodies, solo and ensemble playing and intriguing instrumentation. The works, expertly performed by the Metropolis Ensemble, showcase a gifted young … Continue reading