Joy Askew: The Pirate of Eel Pie

Joy Askew is an exceptional vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose latest CD on Red Parlor Records features songs inspired by recent life changes and her bohemian youth. Askew says she has always been inspired by the energy of the Beat Generation’s writers and poets, and her CD celebrates that free spirit tempered with the reflective wisdom of a life well-lived.
The Pirate of Eel Pie
Released: 4/20/2008
Label: Red Parlor
Genre: Alt/Indie
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Album Concept
Joy Askew says her love of the Beats inspired her to write about her coming of age.
The Pirate of Eel Pie
Joy Askew reflects on commitment – now and in an earlier inspired era.
Walk Under Waterfalls
A song of three great artists who deeply moved her: Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and Jeff Buckley.
Poor Man’s Greed
A song about animal rights can also be about forgotten soldiers.
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