Monthly Archives: April 2008

Dave Barnes: Me & You & The World

Dave Barnes’ latest recording, "Me & You & The World," shows an exceptional singer and talented writer coming into his own. With vocal roots in R&B, blues and country, and musical roots that stretch from blues to pop rock to … Continue reading


Tigress: Tigress

Tigress, or Leslie Chain, is an Ohio-based multi-media writer and performer whose music is inspired by her family and animals. Her musical style draws on her background in the theater. Whether writing about pets lost after New Orleans was flooded … Continue reading


Joel Rafael: Thirteen Stories High

Southern California folk singer Joel Rafael’s "Thirteen Stories High" is his first recording of originals since 2000’s acclaimed "Hopper." After years of saluting Woody Guthrie, he mixes personal and political songs encouraging people to be more alert in life and … Continue reading