String Planet: Songs From The Home Planet

String Planet is the incomparable duo of Novi Novog on viola and Larry Tuttle on stick, with Jo Pusateri on drums and percussion. "Songs From The Home Planet" is an exceptional and fun recording of pop and classical covers, and original compositions. The ensemble is so good that their brilliant arrangements and performances are easily overlooked in their joyful renderings of the scored and improvised music.
Songs From The Home Planet
Released: 4/1/2008
Genre: Pop
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Songs From The Home Planet
Larry Tuttle and Novi Novog say the heart of their new CD is cover songs.
Big George
Larry Tuttle and Novi Novog describe their unique sound and approach.
Carnival of the Animals
Larry and Novi describe their take on this famous orchestral finale.
Two Favorites
Larry and Novi each have a personal favorite on the CD.
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