John Gorka: The Gypsy Life

John Gorka is a songwriter’s songwriter. A true craftsman with a rich baritone voice, his songs are always memorable: setting moods, sketching characters, posing quandaries or facing ironies. "The Gypsy Life" is a special recording. Produced by AIX Records to commemorate 20 years of work, this DVD/CD box set features 19 songs in various hi-fidelity formats. For old fans or newcomers, it is a fabulous way to meet and enjoy a master songwriter.
The Gypsy Life
Released: 1/1/2008
Genre: Americana
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The Gypsy Life
John Gorka finally found a video project he really liked.
Writing in the Margins
A talk with an Iraq War veteran sparked this song.
Lightning’s Blues
A little humor and metaphor goes a long way in a song.
John Gorka says what he likes most about making music.
A bit of advice for those facing (song) writer’s block.
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