Monthly Archives: December 2007

John Gorka: The Gypsy Life

John Gorka is a songwriter’s songwriter. A true craftsman with a rich baritone voice, his songs are always memorable: setting moods, sketching characters, posing quandaries or facing ironies. "The Gypsy Life" is a special recording. Produced by AIX Records to … Continue reading


Alex Shapiro: Notes from the Kelp

Alex Shapiro is a renowned concert composer whose music is as expressive as it is boundary-breaking. "Notes from the Kelp" features chamber works where Shapiro takes listeners on evocative journeys that are serious, funny, intimate and grand. Shapiro says the … Continue reading


Ticklah: Ticklah vs. Axelrod

Victor Axelrod has many musical identities. In the reggae world, the keyboardist, arranger and engineer is known as Ticklah. His latest CD, "Ticklah vs. Axelrod," is a modern dub recording, where the instruments and occasional vocals are mixed in and … Continue reading