Meghan Kabir: Meghan Kabir

Meghan Kabir is a young singer-songwriter with a powerful and passionate voice. In this demo, produced by Matchbox Twenty’s Kyle Cook, she showcases her voice and writing in various pop styles, although it is her singing and lyrics with their determination to be true to oneself that stand out.
Meghan Kabir
Released: 10/1/2007
Label: No Label
Genre: Pop
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Meghan Kabir
Meghan Kabir describes her journey from music lover to an aspiring artist.
Get There Bein Me
Megah Kabir says this is perhaps the most personal song on the EP.
Mine All Mine
Meghan Kabir’s song written from the viewpoint of a very committed fan.
Broken Parts
This quiet, more intimate song shows another side of her music and writing.
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