Tripping Lily: The Couch Sessions LIVE

Tripping Lily is an acoustic quartet that plays jaunty, ear-catching modern folk music with snappy rhythms and smart lyrics. The group – including the Brecelis brothers, Alex and Demetrius – began in Nashville and moved to Boston, where they made waves in the local folk scene. Their debut CD, "The Couch Sessions LIVE," was recorded live and captures the spirit of their shows.
The Couch Sessions LIVE
Released: 3/1/2007
Genre: Americana
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Demetrius Brecelis says Tripping Lily’s debut CD gives the flavor of their live performances.
Nothing Goes
A tongue-in-cheek song by mandolinist Alex Brecelis.
Over You
The CD’s "pop song," by fiddler-vocalist Monica Rizzio, poses a real quandry.
The Instruments
Tripping Lily’s instruments, by Chicago builder Martin Brunkalla, contribute to the group’s sound and name.
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