Martin Bresnick: The Essential Martin Bresnick

Acclaimed composer Martin Bresnick celebrated his 60th birthday with a series of concerts in late 2006 and the release on Cantaloupe Records of "The Essential Martin Bresnick." This CD-DVD set has new recordings of works from the past two decades and a multi-media presentation of William Blake’s pamphlet-poem, "For the Sexes: The Gates of Paradise." The two-disc set is a wonderful showcase of an innovative and influential composer.
The Essential Martin Bresnick
Released: 3/15/2005
Label: Cantaloupe
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The Essential
Composer Martin Bresnick says Cantoloupe Records selected the pieces for his "essential" collection.
Musical World
Martin Bresnick says this trio composition was an effort to show listeners how he creates his musical world.
For The Sexes
Martin Bresnick describes creating a DVD of William Blake’s "For the Sexes: The Gates of Paradise."
Robert Blake
Martin Bresnick says he has always been inspired by the famous British poet and artist.
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