Terisa Griffin: My Naked Soul

Terisa Griffin’s debut CD, "My Naked Soul," showcases an exceptional singer in her element – sharing the ups and downs of her life with her audience. After years creating "One Voice, One Woman" shows featuring many classic divas, Griffin draws on a variety of modern R&B styles that compliment her musical moods. Added up, she takes listeners on a journey where niave optimism gives way to more worldly wisdom.
My Naked Soul
Released: 2/1/2007
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My Naked Soul
Terisa Griffin says she wanted a recording that bared her soul.
Life Lessons
Terisa Griffin says the CD follows her life’s ups and downs.
Did You Ever
A playful song about a sexy and suggestive topic.
Cigarette in the Rain
Terisa Griffin shares everything with her audience – everything!
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