Catie Curtis: Long Night Moon

Catie Curtis’ "Long Night Moon" is a perfect reflection of our times. The CD is filled with songs of hope in hard times, whether trouble comes from ourselves or from the world. The sound is notably lush and her lyrics embrace the full range of emotions. It’s an unusually rich record.
Long Night Moon
Released: 9/1/2006
Genre: Alt/Indie
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Long Night Music
Catie Curtis says her young daughters inspired many of the songs and her outlook on "Long Night Moon."
Catie Curtis says she took a risk on the CD by writing about topics like infidelity.
Rope Swings and Avalanches
Catie Curtis explains her provocative line, "They say it’s love, you can work it out. That’s the cruelest lie."
Relationships that grow, despite the obstacles, are a theme of this song and more.
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