Hypnogaja: Below Sunset

Hypnogaja is an extreme alt-rock band with a poetic touch and a wonderful sense of musicality. Their lyrics are inspired, often rejecting knee-jerk responses to life’s difficulties. "Below Sunset" is their latest CD and "Acoustic Sunset" is, yes, a live acoustic version with many of the same songs. Both show a band with great energy, depth and talent.
Below Sunset
Released: 1/1/2000
Genre: Alt/Indie
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Below Sunset
Pianist and backing vocalist Mark Nubar Donikian describes the band’s latest electric and acoustic recordings.
They Don’t Care
Mark Nubar Donikian says Below Sunset is filled with coming-of-age songs in a dark time.
Nothing Left to Give
A song of artistic dedication that began as a poetic offering.
Put Your Hate On Me
Mark Nubar Donikian describes this song’s epic finale.
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