Grateful Dead: The Complete Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics

"A scrap of age-old lullabye down some forgotten street" is how Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter starts to describe his craft in the "Complete Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics." David Dodd does the rest in a book that reveals the meaning, references and origins of the words and images in the band’s enduring songs. While fans have followed the music for years, many will be stunned to see how deeply steeped the lyrics are in folk music, folk sensibilities and traditional storytelling.
The Complete Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics
Released: 9/15/2005
Label: FreePress
Genre: Americana
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Character Sketches
Many, if not most Grateful Dead songs, are tall tales: folk songs about people, places and predicaments.
"Terrapin Station," an epic ballad, is deliberately incomplete: an old folk tradition.
Mr. Charlie
Pigpen – Ron McKernan – and Hunter drew on the dark side of the old South.
The Dire Wolf
A musical parable and fairy tale inspired by a San Francisco serial killer?
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