Abigail Washburn: Song of the Traveling Daughter

Singer-songwriter Abigail Washburn’s music shows just how small the world is. A lifelong singer and student of China and its culture, she started playing banjo and was soon blending Asian melodies with oldtime folk music. "Song of the Traveling Daughter," her debut CD, is filled with songs and sounds that cross both oceans and centuries.
Song of the Traveling Daughter
Released: 8/16/2005
Genre: Americana
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The Journey
Abigail Washburn’s musical journey has taken her from gospel choirs to singing in Chinese.
Rockabye Dixie
The first song Abigail Washburn wrote came just as she picked up the banjo.
Song of the Traveling Daughter
The recording’s title track rewrites a classical Chinese poem with a very modern twist.
Deep in the Night
Abigail Washburn says her songs have messages of hope and personal transformation.
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