Charlie Hunter: Outre Mer

Jazz guitar innovator Charlie Hunter’s first film project is "Outre Mer," created with Garage A Trois, which also features Mike Dillon, Stanton Moore and Skerik. Garage A Trois is a polyrthymnic, groove ensemble, in contrast to Hunter’s more soloist-oriented projects. The result not only works for the film, but is at home in dance clubs.
Outre Mer
Released: 1/1/2000
Label: Heads Up
Genre: Jazz
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Outre Mer
Charlie Hunter says "Outre Mer" is his first film project.
Garage A Trois
Garage A Trois has evolved into its own unique ensemble sound.
Muted Playing
Charlier Hunter says he tried to emulate African percussion sounds on this CD.
Evolving Style
Charlie Hunter says his relationship to his instrument has become simpler and deeper.
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