Negroni’s Trio: piano / drums / bass

Negroni’s Trio is Jose Negroni on piano, his son Nomar Negroni on drums and Jaime Rivera on bass. This exceptional trio plays dramatic, virtuosic compositions that mix the detail of Jose Negroni’s classical and Latin piano with the energy of aggressive improvisational jazz. After many years of backing top Latin artists, Jose Negroni is an artist whose time has come.
piano / drums / bass
Released: 1/1/2000
Label: Universal
Genre: Latin
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The Dream
Nomar Negroni says playing with his father is special for both of them – and people notice.
Latin Fusion
Nomar Negroni describes the trio’s music as a a jazzy fusion of Latin, classical and modern styles.
The trio’s take on this jazz standard starts with changing the time signature.
Rev It Up
Nomar describes how he and his father wrote this drum-and-bass track.
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