Misha Piatigorsky: Trio Del Sol

Trio Del Sol is pianist-composer Misha Piatigorsky, guitarist Freddie Bryant and percussion-flutist Gilad. Longtime friends on New York’s jazz scene, the acoustic trio explores a mix of jazz and Latin-inspired melodies against backdrop of world-beat grooves. Their CD is striking, combining the subtly and detail of classical chamber music with the energy and spontaneity of improvisational jazz.
Trio Del Sol
Released: 12/28/2004
Genre: Jazz
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Trio Del Sol
Misha Piatigorsky says Trio Del Sol is a special project.
The trio breaks musical boundaries to get its sound.
El Peñasco
Misha Piatigorsky says a visit to Uruguay inspired this piece.
Baiao da Gente
One of Misha Piatigorsky’s favorites from the recording.

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