Noam Weinstein: Probably Human

Noam Weinstein is a talented New York City-based singer-songwriter who specializes in eyebrow-raising moments in relationships. His first full-length CD, "Probably Human," is filled with artfully composed, well-performed pop-rock songs that range from the poignant to the whimsical. He has a knack for turning moments and moods into dramatic and fun songs.
Probably Human
Released: 12/1/2004
Genre: Pop
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Probably Human
Noam Weinstein says his first full-length CD explores change and missteps in relationships.
Couple Songs
Noam Weinstein admits to an obsession with aging relationships.
A ballad about unreal angles and deceptive demons.
Subway Songwriter
Noam Weinstein says his songwriting process starts on the New York City subway.
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