Maria Schneider Orchestra: Concert in the Garden

Maria Schneider’s music hovers between modern jazz and concert music. "Concert in the Garden" is filled with lush, alluring pieces that cover musical ground like a dancer fills a stage. What’s also notable is Schneider managed the the entire project herself – selling it from her website, recouping costs and garnering four Grammy jazz nominations.
Concert in the Garden
Released: 12/1/2004
Genre: Jazz
Dance and Music
Maria Schneider says her music is inspired by dance, storytelling and surprises.
Pas de Deux
A piece named after a ballet step features a duo in the ‘solo’ section.
Buleria to Rhumba
Maria Schneider used three favorite Latin rhymns to create this Grammy-nominated piece.
Behind the CD
Maria Schneider describes how she produced and distributed her CD.
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