Van Dyke Parks: Brian Wilson presents Smile

What were they thinking? In 1965, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys was at the height of his pop fame and embarked on a bold musical project: "Smile." Van Dyke Parks was the lyricist and accompanied him on the journey that created a fabulous album of harmony-drenched, orchestral Americana. At the time, record execs felt it was a dismal failure. Today, it stands as one of the 1960s greatest pop achievements.
Brian Wilson presents Smile
Released: 9/28/2004
Label: NoneSuch
Genre: Pop
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Van Dyke Parks never thought "Smile" would reappear.
The Writing
His role as lyricist was to follow Brian Wilson and his music.
Heros and Villians
This was the first song recorded for the "Smile" sessions.
Brian’s Music
Van Dyke Parks says Brian Wilson’s music is filled with images.
Saw Same Things
Van Dyke Parks says he and Brian Wilson share a love for American musical slang.
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