Southern Backtones: Southern Backtones

The band calls it "music noir." But the third, self-titled recording by Houston’s Southern Backtones is really philosophical rock. The songs are rich-sounding, well-crafted rockers with plenty of rootsy and modern influences. But the lyrics are provocative and thoughtful in surprising ways. Singer-guitarist Hank Schyma explains.
Southern Backtones
Released: 11/1/2004
Genre: Alt/Indie
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This Recording
Singer-songwriter-guitarist Hank Schyma says the songs on this CD come from a troubling, challenging time.
How an obsession with science leads to questioning basic beliefs.
They’ll Never Come Between Our Love
Hank Schyma says this love song has a particular edge.
Here’s Looking At You
Not every writer looks at anorexia from this perspective.
Talk To Me
Hank Schyma tells how this cover came to the CD.
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