Ditty Bops: Here, There, Everywhere

The Ditty Bops are the Los Angeles-based duo of Amanda Barrett and Abby DeWald, whose debut recording "Here, There, Everywhere," was produced by Mitchell Froom. The pair, also multi-instrumentalists, sing upbeat, harmony-rich, quirky songs against a musical backdrop blending country swing, honky-tonk and ragtime. Their personality draws from vaudeville, but their songs and sound have many more modern touches and sensibilities.
Here, There, Everywhere
Released: 10/26/2004
Genre: Americana
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A Brief History
Amanda Barrett recalls how chasing a lost cat led to the Ditty Bops.
Two Songs
Amanda Barrett says what inspired her writing "Pale Yellow" and "Ooh La La."
Both Amanda and Abby Dewald make up their vocal harmonies, but maybe Amanda does it a bit more.
Short Stacks
This song of reluctant love almost didn’t make the CD.

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