Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey: Walking With Giants

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey is best known for exciting live shows. In their first studio recording in three years, "Walking With Giants," pianist Brian Haas, bassist Reed Mathis and drummer Jason Smart play rich, melodic pieces that are equally composed and improvised. Jacob Fred have become modern jazz innovators.
Walking With Giants
Released: 8/17/2004
Genre: Jazz
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Being relaxed was the key to recording "Waking With Giants," pianist Brain Haas says.
Brian Haas says he and his bandmates are finally playing what they hear in their heads.
Reed’s Muse
Brian Haas says bassist Reed Mathis’ biggest influences are great sax players and then some.
Calm Before The Storm
Brian Haas says drummer Jason Smart has an exceptional melodic sense.
Two Pieces
Brian Haas highlights two pieces on the recording that really pleased him.
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