Deb Ferrara: Anything But Ordinary

Deb Ferrara is a singer-songerwiter-guitarist who’s written plenty of material for others, but now has her own pop-rock CD. Deb loves big electric guitar riffs and melodic hooks, but it’s her compelling voice and edgey lyrics that stand out on this recording. East coasters may have seen the artist showcases she hosts, but now there’s a lot more to see and hear from Deb.
Anything But Ordinary
Released: 8/25/2004
Genre: Pop
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Anything But Ordinary
Deb Ferrara is one singer-songwriter who loves electric guitar.
Not Too Personal
Deb Ferrara says her songwriting isn’t about baring her soul.
Stupidly Beautiful
An off-hand comment provokes this take on the fine art of dating.
Deb Ferrara has written many songs about her sister, including this poignant song.
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