Richie Havens: Grace Of The Sun

As long as there has been trouble in the world, there have been singer-songwriters who offer hope, healing and accumulated wisdom. Richie Havens has been one of those artists for nearly four decades! He’s just released his 26th recording, "By The Grace of the Sun," and the CD marries his latest encouraging words and unique guitar accompaniment to a rich mix of world beats and intriguing percussion.
Grace Of The Sun
Released: 8/10/2004
Genre: Rock
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Songs That Matter
Richie Havens has always sung songs of freedom – for himself and our society.
Poetry Then Music
Richie Havens recounts how he started out as a beat poet and then discovered music.
Pulling Up The Stone
Richie Havens says this song, the CD’s finale, is a prayer.
Spanish Influence
Richie Havens credits Quicksilver Messenger Service’s Dino Valente with showing him flamenco guitar.
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