Kelli Sae: Heroine

Soul singer-songwriter Kelli Sae has traveled the world with Incognito, Count Basic and Philippe Saisse Acoustic Trio. Her second CD, "Heroine," is filled with heartfelt personal songs in a mix of modern urban styles. Whether she’s singing an uptempo salsa or dance track or a soulful ballad, Kelli lends genuine emotion and drama to her songs. Another great recording by an independent artist.
Released: 7/14/2004
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Kelli Sae says her second solo CD showcases her wide musical tastes.
Musical Mix
Kelli says she wants her CD to create upbeat moods or soothe hard times.
Can’t Let Go
Kelli says most of her songs are inspired by real-life situations – like this one.
Doesn’t Anybody
Another true story provoked this song – about a bad break-up.
Kelli says this song was thel surprise of the recording session.
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