Lori McKenna: Bittertown

Lori McKenna’s songs are strong snapshots of personal struggles in working-class America. She began her music career after marrying young and starting a family. McKenna draws on her experiences to sing about people who are restless and hoping for more. While she says her life isn’t as bleak as her songs, McKenna’s music will no doubt comfort listeners who are drawn to sad songs.
Released: 6/1/2004
Genre: Americana
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Lori McKenna describes her hometown of Stoughton, MA, the backdrop for many of her songs.
Always Hope
Lori McKenna says her song’s characters are always wishing for more .
Monday Afternoon
Lori says she’s not personally affected by alcoholism, but it’s inescapable in her community.
Stealing Kisses
This confessional song about a lonely, stay-at-home mom has elements of her life – but not exactly.
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