Wadada Leo Smith: Yo Miles! Sky Garden

Avant Jazz Trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith has been a composer, improvisor and music educator since the 1960s. In 1998, he joined guitarist Henry Kaiser to create Yo Miles!, to explore and expand on Miles Davis’ mid-70s electric music. Their second CD "Sky Garden," features four original Smith compositions. Listers will hear how this music pushes the edges of live improvisation and anticipated acid jazz, ambient music and hip hop.
Yo Miles! Sky Garden
Released: 5/1/2004
Genre: Jazz
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Wadada Leo Smith says he only expected to record one piece – not fill half of the double-CD.
Musical Roots
Smith’s musical roots begin in Mississippi and became global.
Wah and Trumpet
Smith describes his approach to using a wah-wah pedal with a trumpet.
The Electric Band
Smith says Miles’ electric band was based on the African drum ensemble.
Arranging Live
Smith describes how he conducts the improv while playing.
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