Paranoid Larry: Paranoid Larry and his Imaginary Band

"Paranoid Larry," also known Alex McDonald, was discovered when a video crew climbed a New York City rooftop and found the politically inclined singer-songwriter bellowing. His enthusiasm soon convinced the crew to help him record a CD, where he was joined by some seasoned artists including Maggie Roche. The result is an irreverent, entertaining mix of songs that gives listeners reasons to be paranoid about the powers that be – unless they already are!
Paranoid Larry and his Imaginary Band
Released: 3/1/2004
Genre: Alt/Indie
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Paranoid Larry
Larry McDonald tells how he became known as "Paranoid Larry."
John Henry
Who but Larry would combine John Ashcroft, Henry Kissinger and folk hero John Henry in a song?
Musical Editorials
Larry says he wants everyone to think like him and steal his ideas.
Pineapple Girl
Larry’s non-political song is a personal favorite.
Three Days per Song
Larry shares the secret of writing songs in his unique genre.
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