Tor Hyams: A World of Happiness

Composer-songwriter Tor Hyams’ "A World of Happiness" began as a typical frustration for musician parents: finding good, positive music for their kids. Hyams joined other talented artists, actors and musicians to produce the CD they all wanted. It features upbeat, smart songs across all genres performed by a long list of notables, proving there’s more to children’s music than first meets the ear.
A World of Happiness
Released: 3/10/2004
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A World of Happiness
Tor Hyams says the CD’s real purpose is reminding kids and adults to have fun.
Just Ask
The lyrics to the first song written for the album were by Tor’s wife, Krishni Kiffa.
Knowa’ The Cat
This song indulges Tor’s jazz background with a cool story about real cats.
The Patience Bossa
This wonderful bossa about being patient features a duet between Deborah Harry and Perry Farrell.
Title Cut
Tor says he and co-writer David Scharff wrote "A World of Happiness" to encourage all people to open their hearts.
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