Catie Curtis: Dreaming in Romance Languages

Boston-based singer-songwriter Catie Curtis’ "Dreaming in Romance Languages" came at a turning point in her life: how to balance her art and have a family. The CD is filled with searching and reassuring songs that feature her warm honest voice against a lush back-up band of musicians she’s known for years. The songs are probing and inspiring, making sense of her journey against a backdrop of troubled times.
Dreaming in Romance Languages
Released: 3/16/2004
Label: Vanguard
Genre: Alt/Indie
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Catie Curtis says the songs on her fifth studio recording came during a period of real change.
Saint Lucy
A song of personal inspiration, dedicated to the patron saint of blindness.
The Night
Catie Curtis tells how she transformed this amazing song, written by her friend Mark Sandman, the deceased spark behind rock-avatars Morphine.
Deliver Me
This song is about all artists, whether they make a living at it or not.
Dark Weather
Catie Curtis tells how this song evolved into a personal anthem.

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