Monthly Archives: April 2004

Bob Weir: Weir Here

Bob Weir is one of rock’s great rhythm guitarists. But that’s not all. Weir wrote many of the Grateful Dead’s best songs and has been a big part of its personality for decades. "Weir Here: The Best of Bob Weir" … Continue reading


Catie Curtis: Dreaming in Romance Languages

Boston-based singer-songwriter Catie Curtis’ "Dreaming in Romance Languages" came at a turning point in her life: how to balance her art and have a family. The CD is filled with searching and reassuring songs that feature her warm honest voice … Continue reading


Tor Hyams: A World of Happiness

Composer-songwriter Tor Hyams’ "A World of Happiness" began as a typical frustration for musician parents: finding good, positive music for their kids. Hyams joined other talented artists, actors and musicians to produce the CD they all wanted. It features upbeat, … Continue reading