John Debney: The Passion of the Christ

"The Passion of the Christ" will be one of the most-seen movies of 2004. Composer-conductor John Debney wrote the soundtrack score, carefully working to create an inspiring and transcendent counterpoint to the drama depicted in the film of Jesus’ final 12 hours.
The Passion of the Christ
Released: 2/14/2004
Label: Sony Music
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The Journey
Composer John Debney says being asked to write the score for "The Passion" was a complete surprise.
Less is More
In such a visually compelling movie, Debney says musical restraint was the approach to take.
Peter Denies Jesus
Debney says this short segment is where the music first picks up.
Mary Goes to Jesus
This ethereal lullaby features Lisbeth Scott, the movie’s vocal collaborator.
Composer’s Moment
Debney recalls how he went with his gut in this pivotal scene.
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