Paul Schwartz: State of Grace II

Composer Paul Schwartz’s "State of Grace II" lies between the musical worlds of innovative concert and esoteric pop music. Schwartz is a classically trained composer who also mastered electronic grooves. He has taken two dramatic classic Christian texts, the Magnificat and the Stabat Mater, and set them to music featuring a mix of concert and modern instruments and vocalists. Imagine dance tracks amid the choir at Westminster Abby… and you have it.
State of Grace II
Released: 1/1/2004
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State of Grace II
Paul Schwartz describes the idea behind "State of Grace II," joining two Latin texts depicting the joy and sorrow of Mary.
Stabat Mater
Literally, "There stands the Mother," observes the anguish of the Virgin Mary as her son faces his death.
Composing to Latin
Paul Schwartz says why it’s easier for him to set Latin to music than English.
Harp Pieces
Two pieces, "Et Misercordia" and "Suscepit Israel," feature Helen Tunstall on harp.
Classical Grooves
Paul Schwartz describes his approach to composing grooves – layering elements to create a symphonic sound.
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