Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band: XXL

Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band has been called Los Angeles’ most exciting big band – and for good reason. Their second CD, "XXL," nominated for three 2004 Grammy Awards in various jazz categories, crackles with energy and is filled with remarkable performances by many virtuosic players and vocalists. Goodwin’s compositions and arrangements are modern, sophisticated and accessible. "XXL" should thrill jazz fans.
Released: 9/23/2003
Label: Silverline
Genre: Jazz
Big Phat Band
Gordon Goodwin describes the Big Phat Band’s sound and recording style.
Longer Forms
Gordon Goodwin says he tends to write long pieces with great detail and texture.
Comes Love
Gordon Goodwin describes how he arranged this classic to feature vocalists Brian McKnight and Take 6.
Scoring for Solists
Goodwin recalls how he orchestrated two different solo sections, one featuring saxophonist Michael Brecker and the other featuring Take 6.
Hunting Wabbits
This is the last piece that Gordon Goodwin imagined would be nominated for a Grammy.
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