Special EFX: Party

Special EFX’s latest recording "Party" finds the jazzy instrumental group going in yet another musical direction – into the world of smooth, funky club music. Guitarist-composer Chieli Minucci wrote most of the material, which features David Mann’s distinctive saxophone. The CD explores extended melodies and solos over slick 80s-style grooves, a combination that’s easy on the ears and feet.
Released: 11/1/2003
Label: Shanachie
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Chieli Minucci says "Party" is a return to his musical roots with a twist.
Dream Come True
Chieli Municci says using different instruments affects the way he writes each song.
Mi Amore
One of his favorites on the CD starts with an etude for classical guitar.
David Mann
Chieli Minucci says saxophonist David Mann makes ups his parts on the spot.
Two Surprises
Two songs, "Ready for Anything" and "Happy, Happy," were the CD’s surprise cuts.
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