Jens Joneleit: Chamber Music

Jens Joneleit is a modern composer who explores a range of moods and human expressions in avant-garde musical settings. This recording, featuring some of his chamber works written between 1998 and 2001, takes listeners on a musical journey that’s both challenging and satisfying. Joneleit’s pioneering spirit is embraced by the Ensemble Gelber Klang, which interpret his scores with precision and zest.
das ensemble gelber klang spielt kammermusikwerke
Released: 12/1/2002
Label: cybele
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Still Traditional
Jens Joneleit says it’s very traditional to compose music that seems avant-garde in its day.
Idea Music
Jens Joneleit says he composes "idea music" and describes one piece as an example.
Space & Timbre
Jens Joneleit says he works with silence and timbres to create dramatic new sounds.
The Ensemble
A few words of praise for the Ensemble Gelber Klang.

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