Virko Baley: Sacred Monuments

Virko Baley’s "Sacred Monuments: Symphony No. 1," is the composer-conductor’s meditation on the cycle of life and death. It is a grand work whose point of departure is the music and struggles of four Ukranian composers. Passages capture the hope or despair of daily living, as well as moments of great triumph or finality. Baley seems to relish life’s contradictions and his music is both challenging and captivating to listeners.
Sacred Monuments
Released: 10/1/2003
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Symphony No. 1
Virko Baley says his first symphony fuses his Ukrainian and American roots.
Baley says why it took so many years before he could finish the symphony.
The Hour of the Wolf
The first movement is a meditation on Maxym Berezovsky’s untimely death.
Agnus Dei
Virko Baley says this movement was inspired by those who live blessed lives.
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