Devil’s Workshop Big Band: Idle Hands

The 17-piece Devil’s Workshop Big Band comes from Richmond, Virginia, where bandleader Stephen Norfleet the other members met while studying music at Virginia Commonwealth University. The band developed its improvisational jazz-meets-funk sound while playing weekly gigs. This first recording is a set from one of those sessions. It is filled with energetic and exuberant playing by a hot young band.
Idle Hands
Released: 10/25/2003
Genre: Jazz
The Big Band
Stephen Norfleet describes his idea for the Devil’s Workshop Big Band.
One Live Set
This live recording starts with a piece that’s a wide open free jam.
Not Written Down
Most of the material isn’t written down, but evolved by playing.
Have A Little Faith
Stephen Norfleet was inspired by a version of this John Hiatt song.
Oh Snap
Stephen Norfleet says why this is one of his favorite songs on the CD.
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