John Gorka: Old Futures Gone

John Gorka is a most unusual and talented singer-songwriter. His lyrics and music tug at emotions and feelings that linger beneath the surface of everyday conversations. His latest recording, "Old Futures Gone," is an uneasy meditation on the emotional life faced by people living in difficult and dark times.
Old Futures Gone
Released: 10/21/2003
Genre: Americana
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Old Futures Gone
John Gorka says his most recent recording reflects today’s troubled times.
Lonely Places
John Gorka says his songs come from a lonely but soothing place.
The songwriter says he can express himself more eloquently in songs than in conversation.
Songwriting Process
John Gorka says his songs come from a consciousness that occurs "before thought."
Look The Other Way
A song about the difference between how people see themselves and actually are.

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