Joe Henry: Tiny Voices

Joe Henry’s is not a typical songwriter or bandleader. He works like a filmmaker who brings different elements together and watches how it all unfolds. "Tiny Voices" is his ninth recording. In his latest musical world, one finds threads of jazz, rock and avant-garde sounds interwoven with characters that range from the concrete to the impressionistic. Call it psychedelic musical fiction.
Tiny Voices
Released: 10/14/2003
Genre: Alt/Indie
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Tiny Voices
Joe Henry says his latest record was inspired by the dark and funny movies of Federico Fellini.
Henry says he follows his instincts when he writes and records, even if he’s not sure where it will lead.
Loves You Madly
Joe Henry’s take on Earthly mortality, with a tip of the hat to Duke Ellington.
Henry says this song was difficult to write, because one idea wouldn’t go away.
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