Darrell Scott: Theatre of the Unheard

Darrell Scott is one of Nashville’s best singer-songwriters. But before he wrote his well-known work, he recorded a major label debut that wasn’t released. That story now ends with "Theatre of the Unheard," where Scott re-recorded the early songs where he found his voice. The CD is full of gems that are personal, poignant and deeply satisfying.
Theatre Of The Unheard
Released: 9/23/2003
Genre: Americana
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Theatre of the Unheard
Darrell Scott’s latest CD is a collection of songs he wrote for his first record deal – which was never released.
Songwriting Roots
Darrell Scott says he wrote most of these songs after studying poetry in college – after he stopped working as a musician.
Uncle Lloyd
Darrell Scott says he found his songwriter’s voice with this song.
Miracle Of Living
Darrell Scott says he knows the emotional truth of this song, even though he imagined the setting.
Full Light
Darrell Scott this song is about a moment of truth in relationships.
Different Ending
Darrell Scott says a certain type of ending is part of his signature songwriting style.
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