James Blood Ulmer: No Escape From The Blues

For decades, James Blood Ulmer has been known for intense, distinctive guitar playing and singing on the cutting edge of jazz and funk. That changed when Vernon Reid convinced him to make a blues CD, which was nominated for a Grammy last year. His second blues CD is even better: more personal, evocative and filled with Ulmer’s quiet, earthy soulfulness.
No Escape From The Blues
Released: 9/9/2003
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No Escape
James Blood Ulmer says he never thought he’d make a blues record, until Vernon Reid convinced him.
More Than A Song
James Blood Ulmer says he knows the realities behind the songs on this CD.
Goin’ To New York
Blood says he never expected to go to New York, but the blues brought him there.
James Blood Ulmer’s thoughts on what artists who play blues must remember.
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